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What makes Kentucky unique?

Map - Kentucky in the US


Kentucky is located in the geographical center of the Eastern United States, which is defined as including states sharing an east or west border with the Mississippi River. Due to its extensive highway, air, rail, and waterway transportation systems, the so called Bluegrass State is in a strong position to compete in the global marketplace. Within 600 miles of its borders, one has access to over 60 percent of the nation's population, personal income, and manufacturing business establishments. Kentucky's intermodal freight and passenger transportation systems provide safe, efficient and cost effective access to all points of the globe.

In terms of area, Kentucky is slightly smaller than England, however a lot less populated with a population of close to 4.5 million. Therefore we have space in abundance.

Kentucky's two largest cities are Louisville and Lexington. Louisville is home to an international airport, so is Northern Kentucky, whose international airport is also more commonly known as Cincinnati airport – a quick gateway to Europe.


Kentucky's feature industries are the automotive industry with more than 470 facilities, the bourbon and the horse industry. However, Kentucky is home to a wide variety of industries, with company headquarters from various sectors. Take a look at our random selection of companies with Kentucky operations.

Kentucky is proud to be a manufacturing state with a "can-do" workforce, a center for logistics, and home to various corporate headquarters and top universities. If you add the beautiful scenery, a warm climate with very distinctive seasons and a low cost of living, you will find everything that is needed for your business and people to flourish.

Kentucky is home to more than 400 foreign-owned facilities from 32 nations with over 87,000 full-time employees. Almost 30 percent of new investments and more than 20 percent of new jobs announced in 2014 resulted from foreign-owned companies.


Kentucky is supporting the workforce of the future. KY FAME – Kentucky Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education is one of the most recent programs providing a combination of classroom training and real, paid work experience for students interested in advanced manufacturing careers. Kentucky also became one of the first states in the nation to implement a statewide Work Ready Communities Program to support training for a qualified work force.

The universities and colleges in Kentucky are some of the best in the world. There are over 45 universities in Kentucky and a large number of colleges, community colleges and trade schools that provide an exceptional education. Attending an educational institution in Kentucky provides a very stimulating environment that allows to learn and to receive the best education.

Quality of Life

Kentucky offers everything you ever dreamed of - breathtaking countryside and vibrant city life.

The Bluegrass State is among the leading states in regard of raising a family, finding work and living year-round in a place where millions love to visit and vacation, and Kentucky’s more laid-back lifestyle is only one reason for that.

Among many other advantages the state offers one of the nation’s lowest costs of living, housing costs are nearly 30 percent lower than the national average and taxes are comparatively low.

In addition, leisure time activities are endless. Kentucky holds something for everyone, form the rolling bluegrass-covered hills of legendary Horse Country and the grandstands of America’s most storied thoroughbred racing tracks to Kentucky Bourbon Trail and world-renowned outdoor adventure, the states unbridled spirit will catch you. Besides, Kentucky’s urban areas allow both visitors and residents an opportunity to discover incredible one-of-a-kind attractions, unique traditions and culture.

Kentucky - Unbridled Spirit